You can buy the Icon of Japanese Porn Video, Magical Mirror Car, made in Japan, Carlos Carpenter Team.

Japanese Porn Video, Magical Mirror Truck,

Hello, I’m Carlos, the director of the Magical Mirror Car Production Research Institute(M2CPRI)

マジックミラーカー 精子マン

Even though I don’t look Japanese, I am pure Japanese.
Therefore, my nickname is Carlos.
Nice to meet you!

At our institute, we thoroughly study about the “Magical Mirror Car”, a dream for men around the world, especially Japanese men, and produce and sell Magical Mirror Cars.

We produced and sold four japanese tiny truck versions of Magical Mirror Cars in 2022.

Furthermore, we strive to provide various vehicle models such as nomal trucks, big trucks, and trailer houses according to customer preferences!

In 2022, we produced and sold four versions of Magical Mirror Cars

It all began when Mr. Hirade, the current owner of MM Rental Car Service, contacted us.

He expressed his interest in starting MM Rental Car Service, and as a result, we decided to embark on the full-scale production of these unique vehicles.

For the purpose of increasing recognition, Mr.Hirade, known as the “Tiger,” appeared as a contestant on the “Reiwa Tiger CH”, and successfully secured victory in ALL.

The “Reiwa Tiger CH” is one of the most renowned business channels on YouTube in Japan, boasting a subscription base of one million people.

This channel in the investment business where applicants present their ideas about new business, and successful business persons “tigers” decide whether or not to invest based on the presentation.

I also made a three-minute appearance as a barter participant, and due to the uniqueness of this presentation, it proudly ranks among the top 15 most-viewed videos on the Reiwa Tiger CH.

Following that, our influence within the Reiwa Tiger community expanded, and we secured orders from Mr. Iwai, the proprietor of Reiwa Tiger CH, and Ms. Nanae, a renowned hostess at one of the most famous MAMA clubs in Ginza, both, of course, being “Tigers.”

This development resulted in the production of additional Magical Mirror Cars.

Now, let’s take a look at each Magical Mirror Car:

1. Mr.Hirade: Magical Mirror Car Polka Dot Ver.

The first model owned by Mr.Hirade, inspired by the inaugural Magical Mirror Car. It features a polka dot pattern.

マジックミラーカー 水玉ver.a マジックミラーカー 水玉ver.a マジックミラーカー 水玉ver.a マジックミラーカー 水玉ver.a マジックミラーカー 水玉ver.a

2. Mr.Hirade: Magical Mirror Car Tipstar Master Ver.

The second model owned by Mr.Hirade, showcasing his Tipstar Master service. It is designed as an ad Car.

マジックミラーカー 予想屋マスターver. Magical Mirror Car Tipstar Master Ver. マジックミラーカー 予想屋マスターver. Magical Mirror Car Tipstar Master Ver. マジックミラーカー 水玉ver magical mirror Car

3. Mr,Iwai: Magical Mirror Car Reiwa Tiger CH Ver.

A version owned by Mr.Iwai, featuring the Reiwa Tiger CH design. Mr.Iwai volunteered as a contestant to sell advertising space on this vehicle.

マジックミラーカー 令和の虎ver. magical mirror car マジックミラーカー 令和の虎ver. magical mirror car マジックミラーカー 令和の虎ver. magical mirror car マジックミラーカー 令和の虎ver. magical mirror car マジックミラーカー 令和の虎ver. magical mirror car

4. Ms.Nanae: Magical Mirror Car Ginza Ver.

Ms.Nanae Magical Mirror Car. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures, but you can find images on social media.

Magical Mirror Cars is really popular on social media in Japan

As evident from the example of Ms.Nanae’s, those who come across them often share on social media.

I believe this generates extremely effective advertising exposure.

Certainly, feel free to check it out; there are plenty of sightings amid the more explicit content, lol.

I believe it has a much more effective advertising impact compared to large ad trucks that go unnoticed while roaming around Shinjuku and Shibuya!

In reality, Mr. Iwai and Ms.Nanae cleverly utilize it as a company vehicle, allowing it to naturally serve as advertising.

It’s truly a smart strategy!

パーフェクト アドトラック
ユニークなアドトラックを作りたい?それなら”マジックミラー号”一択で!こんにちは、カルロス工務店・代表のカルロス(@crls1031)です。 8月10日からの10日間、新宿・歌舞伎町で”マジックミラー...

On the other hand, Mr.Hirade operates the rental business of Magical Mirror Cars. Consequently, various celebrities and famous influencers from different fields actively rent these cars to boost their viewership.

For instance, there are rentals by M-1 Grand Prix finalist, most popular comedian contest in Japan KAMINARI,

the face of “Breaking Down,” most viewed Fighting Youtube CH, Mr. Ban Nakamura,

and the comedian KISHITAKANO.

I am truly delighted to see something I created being utilized in this way!

Additionally, numerous renowned TikTokers and YouTubers have also rented these cars!

【マジックミラー号】マジックミラーカー企画、再生数ランキングTOP21【番外編あり】こんにちは、カルロス(@crls1031)です。 令和の虎でおなじみの平出社長(@yosoyamaster)にお声がけ頂き、無事に...

A Story of Attempting to Create the Magical Mirror Car on a TV Show

Out of the blue, I’d like to share a brief story of how I came up with the idea of creating the Magical Mirror Car.

I realized that by placing a shed on a japanese tiny truck, creating a “small house,” and installing large windows, I could turn it into the Magical Mirror Car!?

During this realization, I received an invitation to participate in the “Tiny Truck House Championship” on TV Champion, a popular Japanese TV program.

This is perhaps a divine revelation, isn’t it…?!

And so, I presented to the director of TV Champion.

Without explicitly mentioning the Magical Mirror Truck,

To have a broad view of the nature during travels, we’ll install large windows… and apply mirror film to obstruct the view from the outside.

But deep down, it’s really about this, you know.

Immediately, the director responded with, “That’s the Magical Mirror Car, isn’t it? haha,” and I successfully managed to get a laugh.

If a child’s dream car is the Anpanman Truck, then the Magical Mirror Car is a man’s dream…

Once it’s completed, various projects could be possible as well…!

fterward, there was a response from TV Champion, and unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut.

At that moment, the dream for men didn’t come true…


Because of such an experience, I documented it in a blog . Following that, I started receiving inquiries from people who wanted to create the Magical Mirror Car.

At that time, I think everyone who wanted to make the Magical Mirror Car must have contacted me…?

As a result, with the support of Mr,Hirade, who carefully budgeted for the project, we were able to bring the idea to fruition.

Blueprint of New Version Magical Mirror Car

Here are the blueprints for the new version of the vehicle, incorporating the knowledge and experience gained so far.

Tiny Truck ver

All four vehicles listed above are in the kei truck version.

1-ton truck ver.

These are 1-ton versions.

This is achieved by attaching a box on top of the truck.

2-ton truck ver.

For the 2-ton version, the plan is to carve out a 2-ton truck with a box and shape it accordingly.

Since there are production examples with kitchen cars, it is feasible for implementation.

Trailer house ver.

This is not just an ordinary trailer house.

It achieved a groundbreaking standard in Japan, realizing this size without the need for a towing license.

It’s incredibly lightweight!!

Electrical Power System of Magical Mirror Car

We have developed a power system for the Magical Mirror Cars that can be charged either from solar panels or household electrical outlets.

The battery incorporates the latest lithium-ion battery technology, achieving a high capacity of 3,600Wh.

When charging with solar panels, exposing them to sunlight on a clear day completes the charge in approximately 8 hours. This, of course, is subject to variations based on temperature and weather conditions. The system is equipped with rated 720W solar panels, allowing for an estimated maximum charge of around 500W per hour.

For charging っvia a household electrical outlet, it takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach a 100% charge when plugged in.

In summary, the system is designed to charge using an electrical outlet for continuous usage within a house and using solar panels for charging during extended periods or when the vehicle is not in use.

It is also possible to directly connect to external household electrical outlets, similar to a food stall, and use the system without going through the battery.

We have implemented a switch lever for seamless direct usage.

Air Conditioner of Magical Mirror Car

Regarding the air conditioning system in the Magical Mirror Cars, according to our research institute, the power consumption for cooling is rated at 810W, and for heating, it is rated at 785W.

When powered by the battery, we anticipate approximately 4 hours of continuous operation.

Please note that the operating time may vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature.

If connected to an external power source, you can use the air conditioning system continuously.

Furthermore, the design of the Magical Mirror Cars prioritizes visuals, resulting in a design resembling a “sunroom × thermos bottle.”

As a result, it efficiently captures sunlight and incorporates insulation materials seamlessly into the structure.

Consequently, if left under direct sunlight during the summer, the interior can become quite hot, creating a challenging environment for the air conditioning system.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

You can buy human’s dream, Magical Mirror Car

This is not just a vehicle; it embodies my dreams, or rather, the dreams of every man in the world!

I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of ad trucks in Shibuya and Shinjuku!

What do you think?”

“If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Let’s change the world together!